I think that my child shows signs of autism, what should I do?

1. Contact a mental health provider for a diagnostic evaluation. In order to recieve funding through the state of Wisconsin, diagnotic evaluations must be condected by a Ph.D. level psychologist or a physician, and they must involve standardized testing. Dr Ryan offers diagnostic evaluation primarily for children aged 5 or younger, although some slots for older children may be available.

2. Before your appointment, gather all documents that might help the mental health provider make a diagnosis. Useful documents may include

a) Medical records, such summaries of well child visits and documentation of any prescribed medications
b) School records, such as progress reports or individualized education plans
c) Notes and observations of your child's behavior, either by you or other caretakers
d) Reports from any previous evaluations
e) Progress reports from any services your child might be recieving, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, or counseling.