What Sets Us Apart

Psychologist visits in your home: Dr. Ryan believes that she can best serve children if she sees them in their natural environment. Therefore, when a child is participating in intensive ABA intervention, she conducts her visits in the home. Parents are not required to transport the child to the CHATT office for lead therapist consultations, although this remains an option.

Highly experienced autism specialists: All of our autism specialists have years of experience in the field of autism and have been behavioral coaches. They are hand-picked by Dr. Ryan because of their leadership skills and exemplary work as behavioral coaches. The majority hold Masters degrees.

Team approach: CHATT emphasizes the team approach to treatment. We encourage all persons on the team to share ideas and suggestions regarding a child’s individualized programming. We especially encourage parents, as the people who best know their child to share ideas and let us know what they believe does or does not work for each child.

Individualized treatment: Every child is different. We believe that there is no “cookie cutter curriculum” that will best serve every child. Therefore, we are continually assessing each child and creating programs that will be most effective for him or her.